How to Use VIOFO App & WiFi

How to Use VIOFO App & WiFi

About App

Viofo App is designed to work with A129A129 IR, and A129 Pro dash cam. It allows changing settings of the dash camera, watching the live view of cameras and download videos/images using a smartphone. 


How to Download it?

VIOFO APP is free.

> IOS users could download it on the APP store.

> Android users could download it on Google Play.

* To gain a better user experience, please update the app from time to time *


How to Connect it?

1. Open Wi-Fi for your Viofo camera.

2. Long press the WiFi button on the right side of the dash camera.

3. Check Wi-Fi icon on the screen and the Wi-Fi Status LED will become red.

4. Connect your phone to Viofo WiFi. (The factory WiFi password is 12345678)

5. Open VIOFO app and choose <Connect your camera>

6. You could change the settings, WiFi password and check the files on the microSD card.



Turn off WiFi

if you do not use it to save your car battery.

to change settings via the front camera.


The effective distance

of the Wi-Fi connection is under 10m.